We Offer the Following Products
(Typically Processed Within 1 to 2 Weeks)

Product Information:
  All Panels are book and balanced matched unless otherwise specified.   • Sequenced and Numbered panels available in up to 5 x 12.   • Cross-Grain style panels available in up to 12 x 5.   • Blueprint Matched panels can be specified as center balance, slip, or book
matched at no additional cost. • Oversize - Stock Size and Blueprint panels are shipped 1” oversized on width and
length to allow for trim at your facility.   • Cut-To-Exact-Size panels are cut to your precise drawing or take-off measurements.   • Veneer Edge Banding can be applied to your cut-to-exact-size panels.   • Interior Solid Wood Edge Banded Core is available.   • Finish (clear or stained) may be applied to any panel we manufacture.
The finishing process may require minimum order quantities. Please call for
specific details.   • Laser Created “sketch” face panels are available in various designs or design
combinations with inlay and borders.   • 5-Ply Architectural Doors can be matched with blueprint panels.   • Individual 5-Ply Doors available with architectural veneer faces or laser created
intricate sketch faces.   • No Minimum Order of panels required.   • No Shop Grade panels will be generated or shipped with your order.